Private Placement

Pacio Security Token Offering

Pacio will run a Security Token Offering (STO) of US$1 PIO tokens in the second half of 2020 to raise US$4 million to fund implementation of the its vision built upon its Triple Entry Accounting (TEA) plans as described at

PIOs will entitle you to dividends and capital gains i.e. be like equity in all respects except voting. PIOs will also be tradable so that you will be able to sell them to realise gains if you should so wish.

Full details including projected gains are given in the Pacio Business Plan.

Pacio Private Placement Opportunity Now Open

A private placement is open now to raise US$750K to fund ongoing development, launch in Q1 2020 and preparation for the STO.

The private placement takes the form of Convertible Notes (CNs) for PIOs in the STO, issued at a discount of 50% as the incentive/reward for investing ahead of the STO.

CNs are a standard investment instrument. Our CNs are based on a SAFE template widely used for startups like Pacio.

The 50% discount from the STO price means that private placement investors will see a 100% gain when the STO opens in 2020.

Gains in subsequent years as Pacio builds TEA, TARI®, and Tender app revenues will be much greater. The business plan gives the projected gains.

How to Invest

  • Please email us at to indicate your interest and advise:
    – Name
    – Address
    – Phone number
    – Country of Residence
    – Country of Citizenship
    – Amount you plan to invest
    – Currency
    If you will be investing via a company or other entity rather than as an individual, please email details of that entity instead, plus information on the directors or partners who control it.
  • Pacio will then prepare a Convertible Note Subscription Agreement with the details you have supplied completed and email it to you.
  • Print the agreement and sign it.
  • Send the completed agreement back to us by scanning it and emailing it to or if is easier for you, you could ask for an address in your part of the world for posting or couriering the agreement to us.
  • Send a scan of your passport (or a photocopy of it if returning paper) by the same means, as the start of meeting Know Your Customer regulatory requirements. (STO registration in 2020 will complete that process.)
  • On receipt of your agreement and passport scan/photocopy and acceptance by Pacio, you will be asked to remit your investment. Bank transfer details will be provided at that point.
  • Your Convertible Notes will then be confirmed by email on receipt of your investment.