Pacio Core Ltd
Triple Entry Accounting

01 / TEA

New Transparency –

Fraud reduction through instant transparency

02 / PIBS

Business Suite –

Management Data Systems for the 21st Century

03/ DLT

Tender –

Fee-less transactions at world scale

Pacio Integrated Business Suite

Accounting, management and auditing in real-time: transparent and immutable.

01 / Immutability

Accounting –

TEA brings immutability and transparency to legacy accounting.

01 / Real-time data

Management –

TARI® brings new metrics and methods to improve the bottom line.

01 / Scalability

Transfer –

TENDER is Pacio’s DLT protocol: fee-less and at world scale.

Executive Team

01 / CEO

David Hartley –

became one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, supplying software and hardware for the Accountancy Profession and enterprises in 15 countries.

02 / Executive Director

Keith Cleland –

is professor and head of Financial Management – Global MBA, Institute of International Business Relations, Steinbeis University Berlin.

03 / Executive Director

Trevor Watters –

has been building and selling tax and TARI® productivity improving management software since the 1980s.

04 / CMO

Marcell Nimfuehr –

15 years of experience in fundraising, advocacy, lobbying and visibility. Author of Blockchain book.

05 / VP Investor Relations

Ethan Pierse –

Founder of CryptoAssets Institute, advising government agencies on regulation and adoption, as well as corporates and investment funds on blockchain economy business models and tokenisation.