Pacio Core Ltd
Triple Entry Accounting

01 / TEA

New Transparency –

Fraud reduction through instant transparency

02 / PIBS

Business Suite –

Management Data Systems for the 21st Century

03/ DLT

Tender –

Fee-less transactions at world scale

Pacio Integrated Business Suite

Accounting, management and auditing in real-time: transparent and immutable.

01 / Immutability

Accounting –

TEA brings immutability and transparency to legacy accounting.

01 / Real-time data

Management –

TARI® brings new metrics and methods to improve the bottom line.

01 / Scalability

Transfer –

TENDER is Pacio’s DLT protocol: fee-less and at world scale.

Executive Team

01 / CEO

David Hartley –

became one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs, supplying software and hardware for the Accountancy Profession and enterprises in 15 countries.

02 / Founder & Adviser

Keith Cleland –

is professor emeritus of Financial Management – Global MBA, Institute of International Business Relations, Steinbeis University Berlin.

03 / Executive Director

Trevor Watters –

has been building and selling tax and TARI® productivity improving management software since the 1980s.

04 / CMO

Marcell Nimfuehr –

15 years of experience in fundraising, advocacy, lobbying and visibility. Author of Blockchain book.

04 / Head of Development

Luka Maljic –

The prolific software engineer spearheads Pacio’s development department.

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May 27, 2023

Kelly Richmond Pope in ’A forensic-accounting expert on how to treat the fraud epidemic’ published in The Economist on 19 May 2023 said that the way to treat the $5 trillion fraud epidemic was to encourage more insiders to spill the beans. The problem is indeed huge as Pope’s article makes clear: “Research by Crowe, […]

April 10, 2023

The Economist said on 23 March 2023 “The next big thing in business automation is Process Mining which will help automate business long before chatbots do by identifying process inefficiencies”. Pacio with its TARI® and TEA (Triple Entry Accounting) systems will enable this prediction for businesses of all sizes, and in an even better way […]

March 7, 2023

Results from the world’s largest trial of a 4 day working week involving 60 companies and almost 3,000 staff in the UK are largely positive. The results show that business productivity and business performance improved, as did the health and well-being of employees also improve. Dr Keith Cleland (Steinbeis University Berlin Professor Emeritus and Pacio […]